Carbon Neutral vehicles and LCA congress North America

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Carbon Neutral vehicles and LCA congress North America

January 23-25, 2024

8th Annual Event in Global LCA for Automotive Series. LCA, Recycling, Circular Design and Sustainable Sourcing for EV Batteries & Carbon Neutral Vehicles USA.

About  Carbon Neutral vehicles and LCA congress North America

The North American industry is undergoing a tectonic shift. No longer is sustainability a siloed agenda. It’s now being viewed through the prism of profitability and long-term business viability.

OEMs and suppliers are increasingly realizing that, in the current regulatory environment, linear models of production and consumption are both ecologically and economically untenable. And that circularity, in the automotive industry, is no longer a mere buzzword but an essential strategy for future-proofing operations.

The entire lifecycle of a vehicle, from the sourcing of raw materials to the repurposing of components, plays a pivotal role in determining its environmental footprint. Ensuring a closed-loop system where components are not merely discarded but are reused, repurposed, or recycled is pivotal to reducing waste and conserving valuable resources. However, achieving this seamless cycle comes with significant challenges: supply chain complexities, technological advancements required for efficient disassembly, and the economic implications of transitioning from traditional to circular processes. Some might want to throw limitless quantities of money at the problem, but how do you do this in a way that ensures your company remains profitable?

Find out at the 2024 LCA, Recycling, Circular Design & Sustainable Sourcing for EV Batteries & Carbon Neutral Vehicles USA Congress.

Sphera at Carbon Neutral vehicles and LCA congress North America

Sphera is a proud sponsor again this year! Make sure to check out our session titled: “Shining a Light on GHG Emissions: Navigating the EU Battery Regulation & Carbon Footprint requirement to Accelerate Sustainability.” presented by Sphera’s Michael Faltenbacher, Director of Consulting. Session will be held on January 24th at 10 am. To get more details about the session, please visit the event’s agenda here.

Join us in this session for a comprehensive grasp of the European Union’s battery regulation in the context of the EU’s Automotive Sustainability Framework. Get in-depth insights on calculating carbon footprints, now becoming a legal mandate in the EU, and gain a better understanding of the methodological demands. Discover actionable approaches to overcome data challenges and compile compliant carbon footprint information. Walk away empowered with insights to navigate the future of cleaner, greener automotive technologies.

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