SCHC 2022

Live Event

SCHC 2022

September 17-22, 2022

Society for Chemical Hazard Communication SCHC 2022 Annual Meeting​.

About SCHC

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) is a professional society committed to serving chemical hazard communication professionals and to promoting knowledge and awareness in all areas of chemical hazard communication. Areas covered include worker safety, domestic and international regulatory compliance, toxicology and other chemical and physical hazards, environmental toxicology, risk analysis, etc. Members are professionals who represent industrial, consumer, and specialty chemical companies, pharmaceutical firms, manufacturers, distributors and importers, government agencies, universities and consultants.

Sphera at SCHC

Sphera is a proud Platinum and Lanyard sponsor at SCHC’s annual meeting. Our expert Katie McGee, Sr. Regulatory Analyst will be doing a poster presentation on “Labels, Labels, Labels…HMIS, NFPA and GHS Labels.” Aldo make sure to listen to our presentation “Demystify the Connection Between HazComm and ESG” presented by Ryan Chappell, Solution Executive right before lunch on September 21st at 11:55am.

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