Live Event

EHS Congress 2024

May 22-23, 2024

EHS Congress will provide the springboard for our participants to explore, consider, and define the future of Health & Safety, gathering the most relevant and thought-provoking experts from all major industries, driving constructive collaboration, non-stop networking, and brilliant brainstorming on new ideas and concepts with fellow EHS leaders.

About EHS Congress 2024

You inspired us go even bigger and better for 2024. We’re bringing back audience favorites like the intensive breakout workshops and adding more technical AND bringing a wider variety for specialists subjects.

We’re also going to increase the time for Q&A inside the main hall PLUS keep the Campfire sessions at the end of each half-day for some awesome networking (you told us you loved these in 2023)… and lots more, take a look at the agenda for a full array of 2024 features & speakers!

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