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LCA, Circularity & Sustainable Materials for Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023

January 25-27, 2023

For North American Automotive OEMS & The Supply Chain

About LCA, Circularity & Sustainable Materials for Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023

North American OEMs are increasingly focused on supply chain collaboration with materials and component suppliers to work on LCA calculations as the starting point for their sustainability strategy, to figure out innovative solutions to reducing the carbon footprint whilst still remaining profitable.
Nonetheless, we are all aware of the challenges that the sector faces as it attempts to decarbonize. For example, the many techniques of calculating LCA are usually based on key assumptions, such as the vehicles usage phase, and there is a lack of a standardized approach if LCA reporting is to be consistent and ultimately, meaningful to customers.

Recycling non-metal raw materials remains a significant challenge for the sector, especially given the sectors reliance on cheaper plastics, reinforced composites, and exotic materials for the foreseeable future. Trade-offs need to be made between implementing a green material with a low level of embodied carbon but on the other hand, could be exceedingly difficult or expensive to recycle by mechanical recycling processes.

More collaboration across the supply chain is clearly needed to discover and develop new solutions. On the plus side, many companies are now working hard to create innovative new concepts for decarbonization and circularity in the automotive industry. And so, on that point, the conference will be bringing together the leading thought leaders and innovators who engaging the supply chain and going to great lengths to find solutions.

Sphera at LCA, Circularity & Sustainable Materials for Carbon Neutral Vehicles 2023

Make sure to join our session presented by Michael Faltenbacher, Director, Consulting at Sphera.

Global Battery Alliance’s  Greenhouse Gas Rulebook – a comprehensive framework for collecting standardized, auditable and comparable GHG data for batteries

We also will be hosting a workshop on January 27th lead by Michael Faltenbacher, Director, Consulting at Sphera and Christoph Koffler, Manager, Consulting at Sphera.

Learning About The Foundations Of LCA And How To Perform The Calculations For Tier 1,2 & 3 Vendors.

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