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2019 and Beyond: Ready for the Rigors of Refrigerant Regulations?

EPA’s refrigerant regulations slated to go into effect in 2019 expand regulatory oversight from just ozone depleting substances (ODSs) to include a variety of refrigerants that are classified as greenhouse gases (GHGs.) This action reduces climate-damaging emissions from air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and is aimed at strengthening the existing program. In the wake of these changes, facility owners must revisit their documentation methods and procedures for refrigerant-related work, including appliance disposals and refrigerant disposals, which adds a new layer of recordkeeping that companies must now manage.

Simplify compliance with EPA and state regulations

Sphera's solution helps you with your refrigerant compliance related activities including accurate usage, leak repairs, verification tests and disposal tracking.

We help you comply with a variety of regulations including Title VI, Clean Air Act, Toxic Release Inventory, California AB 32 and Federal Halocarbon Regulations (Canada).

Our Refrigerant Compliance solution allows you to:

  • Simplify compliance practices and mandated recordkeeping.
  • Improve data integrity and proactively gauge your refrigerant compliance status.
  • Reduce risk by transforming leak mitigation into leak prevention and access technical, regulatory and industry experts.
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Your Refrigerant Management Program needs updating if:

  • You do not know how many HFC refrigeration systems you own and their full operating charge.
  • You cannot quantify the refrigerant used/leaked by HFC systems.
  • You cannot readily produce records for all refrigerant purchases, usage, disposal, and inventory on hand.
  • Your policies and procedures only reference CFCs and HCFCs, but not HFCs.
  • You do not have any written refrigerant policies or procedures and maintain records on paper or in spreadsheets.

Adopting a best-in-class Refrigerant Management program

We invite you to hear from Mark Harbin, our in-house expert on refrigerant management as he explains what companies could do to stay ahead of stricter EPA regulations coming into effect in 2018 and 2019.


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Reduce your compliance burden with confidence

With decades of experience in the refrigerant and HVAC industry, our experts have a thorough understanding of facility operations and compliance obligations, including major refrigerant equipment manufacturers and HVAC/R service contracting.

Our experts can help you manage all of your refrigerant related activities so you can effectively comply with refrigerant recordkeeping requirements and corporate emissions reporting.

Assess Compliance

Our Refrigerant Compliance Assessment service help identify compliance gaps and provide corrective actions plans. Proactively gauge your refrigerant compliance status including EPA Title V & VI and develop a plan for R-22 phase-out and SNAP refrigerant trasition due by 2020.

Stay Updated

Maintain compliance with refresher training and keep updated on regulatory/industry changes. Re-establish refrigerant compliance initiatives in wake of reorganization or turnover.

Operationalize Regulations

Sphera offers proven methodologies, software, content and expertise for achieving World-class Refrigerant Management. Our experts help bridge the compliance gap between Operational and Environmental Management.

Refrigerant Compliance Training

With decades of experience in the refrigerant and HVAC industry, Sphera experts have a thorough understanding of facility operations and compliance obligations. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain updated regulatory, industry information and best practices to sharpen your refrigerant compliance knowledge.

Hear from our Customers

“Clark County Real Property Management utilized refrigerant usage reports from their refrigerant compliance management software to determine which air conditioning system to prioritize for replacement. High refrigerant usage systems are being eliminated to reduce operating costs - they have been found to be high energy users and require frequent repair.”

“Beale Air Force Base saved more than $30,000 in Freon recycling costs and has implemented new monitoring technologies for their refrigerant systems using more than 50 pounds of refrigerant, which has saved the base an additional $15,000 in operational costs.”

“Campbell’s Soup Company (Napoleon, Ohio) implemented an information management system that enabled the company to reduce EPA inspection times from days to less than one hour at the 65-acre food manufacturing site.”

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