By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 17, 2020

E-book - The Biggest Problems with Isolation Management

Risks originating from work activities, if improperly managed, can lead to severe consequences. In particular, turnarounds, critical or routine maintenance, startup and sampling work have the potential to release hazardous, uncontrolled energy.

Isolations are generally required to allow maintenance or inspection of a piece of equipment, to take it out of service in the plant or even remove a whole area of the plant. And sometimes that can also involve changing the process through the plant.

Working together in a dynamic environment can be a challenge, yet safely preparing the plant for maintenance, large-scale plant turnarounds, inspections or engineering intervention is critical. Ensuring operations teams always access the right engineering documents and learn from the experience of others who have previously performed the isolation can be tedious and difficult. Likewise, setting up a proper feedback loop between operations and engineering teams is often a manual, time-consuming process. There is inefficiency and potential for operational risk inherent in this process.

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