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For safety leaders, managing and adapting to change is more critical than ever. Organizations that are able to adapt quickly are able to engage the workforce and identify and act on hazards before they impact safety. How do they do that? Through the ongoing analysis of operational risk; Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S); and hazardous materials data in real time. 

On Oct. 27 & 29, Sphera hosted the Safe Operations Summit. Over 300 delegates joined to learn how to leverage digital and automation tools to better track and report safety data, meet compliance requirements, reduce front-line risks and build a worldclass safety culture. 

View recorded sessions and learn how to:

Identify and assess current safe operations maturity
Manage and control risk identification with data analytics
Report and analyze your digital safety transformation
Predict and prevent dynamic risks with integrated solutions


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Reality of Risk: Insights From Sphera’s 2020 Process Safety and Operational Risk Management Survey

Over the past five years, hazardous industry experts have shared their feedback on the state of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management. Research participants have offered insightful and, on occasion, startling insights about the reality of risk, process vulnerabilities, and progress toward improved risk identification, management and communication.

One of our experts will expose the latest findings from the 2020 report and share how industry leaders benchmark progress, understand best practices, and identify the future direction of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management.

Speaker: Simon Jones, Director Solutions Consulting, Sphera

Regulatory Complexities: A Panel Discussion

The evolving regulatory landscape represents challenges for all industries in every region. From the way hazardous materials are handled to process safety and emergency planning, EHS&S professionals need to understand how these regulatory changes will affect their products, facilities and employees. 

Join our panel of experts as they share insights into how to better track & manage these changes. 

Speaker:  Carrie Decatur, Senior Manager of Regulatory Data, Sphera / Andrew Bartlett, Solution Consultant, Sphera

Move Beyond Compliance to Operate More Safely: An Integrated Technology Approach

How can technology be used to drive more effective and compliant business processes, support critical decision-making, and use real-time data associated with critical safeguards to transform the management of process safety at the front line.

Speakers:   James Brown, Principal Director Consulting, Accenture /  Scott Lehmann, VP Product Management, Sphera  / Mike Zamis, Chief Product Officer, Sphera

Achieve Safe, Compliant and Efficient Management Across the Chemical Life Cycle

Effectively managing hazardous materials is critical to keeping your employees safe and operations running smoothly. In this case study, learn how the right combination of technology and content can help manage a complex and evolving regulatory landscape while protecting your employees and your bottom line. 

Speaker: Laura Patrick, Senior Manager Product Management at Sphera

ConocoPhillips Case Study: Understand the Health of Your Safeguards — The Connected Worker

Not having a clear view of all the factors that impact the operational reality results in operational inefficiencies, long wait times for frontline work teams, unplanned downtime and the potential for process safety losses. Learn how industry leaders are managing hazards on a real-time basis and the importance of continuously monitoring process safety barrier health to reduce incidents. 

Speaker: Mark Hutcherson, Director Operational Excellence at ConocoPhillips

BASF Case Study: Consistently Identify, Assess and Control the Impact of Operational Risk

It’s difficult to standardize and assess all the sources of risk to support resource-intensive facilities. By focusing solely on compliance, organizations miss valuable opportunities to improve safety performance. A combination of small failures can be buried deep into business silos and arise unexpectedly. This can lead to safety failures, spending inefficiencies, and compliance deficiencies. Shareholders, employees, and regulators demand stronger controls. Learn how BASF has established a unified, holistic way of proactively identifying and assessing risk, maintaining controls, and sharing risk-related information.

Speaker: Gosia Myslinska, Ph.D.,  Process Safety Expert at BASF

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Learn how to leverage digital and automation tools to better track and report safety data, meet compliance requirements, reduce frontline risks and build a world–class safety culture. 

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James Brown
Principal Director
of Consulting


Mark Hutcherson
Director of
Operational Excellence

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Gosia Myslinska, Ph.D.
Process Safety


Randy Vivian
Director, Corporate Sustainability, Health & Safety

Andrew Bartlett


Banoo Behboodi
Vice President


Carrie Decatur

Carrie Decatur
Senior Manager of
Regulatory Data


Philippe Guillard
Vice President Global Solutions & Alliances


Simon Jones
Director of
Solutions Consulting


David Klocek
Vice President Professional Services


Scott Lehmann
Vice President Product Management


Mike Zamis
Chief Product


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