Strengthen On-site Inventory and Material Approval Processes

Siemens Healthineers with Sphera’s Chemical Management Software and Services


The cross-functional product stewardship team at Siemens Healthineers has a two-fold mandate to tackle both operational site-specific EHS issues as well as product-oriented EHS concerns.

  1. Access to markets and compliance with global regulations
  2. Strengthen product-related environmental performance via Environmental Product Declarations

These objectives were complicated by high quantity and low volume orders ranging from 1 gram to over 4 liters. The R&D facility handles over 1,000 chemical safety data sheets (SDS), of which roughly 200 per year are unique. Siemens Healthineers’ wanted to simplify chemical management so scientists could focus on experimenting and developing new products that strengthen healthcare outcomes.

Siemens Healthineers

Founded in: 2017


Medical technology firm


Norwood, MA (R&D Facility)
Erlangen, DE (HQ)

Siemens Healthineers’ Challenges

Inconsistent tracking behavior

and limited access to chemical data across the facilities

Limited visibility

through email-based system

Costly and manual processes

to manage 1,400 SDS documents and over 200 new chemicals brought on site throughout the year

Improve environmental performance

to strengthen product differentiation and brand loyalty


SpheraCloud Chemical Management

Siemens Healthineers turned to Sphera as a key partner in digitizing Product Stewardship at its R&D facilities. The medical technology firm began using our Chemical Management solution to enhance its approach to on-site chemical inventory management and material approval processes.

Sphera’s Chemical Management solution helps organizations manage global chemical data within a single SaaS system providing consistent, contextualized and centralized information to:

  • Gain product insight through fast and
    accurate documentation
  • Know what is on site to mitigate risk
  • Increase worker safety and compliance to
    align workflows and mandates
  • Easily report anything, anytime to keep
    everyone informed
  • Maximize enterprise system investments


With Sphera’s Chemical Management solution, Siemens Healthineers was able to

  • Establish a centralized, transparent process for chemical approvals
  • Strengthen accuracy and effectiveness of chemical inventory tracking and analysis capabilities
  • Prioritize hazardous chemical labeling and substances of concern
Implement a bar code system

to centralize, register and track all chemicals and associated SDS information

Cross-referencing automation

has saved the firm over five hours weekly (240 hours annually) of additional work

giving back
$20,000 in annual savings

as a result of scientists having better visibility into accurate chemical inventory levels at other laboratory sites

Waste disposal costs have fallen by roughly 50%
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