By Sphera’s Editorial Team | April 15, 2019

Using Leading Indicators to Improve EHS & Sustainability Performance

The achievement of organizational outcomes over time rests in an organization’s ability to continuously improve its operating ability, productivity, and profitability.

The key to the successful execution of a continuous improvement initiative lies in the organization’s ability to establish a common platform for mitigating risk exposures discovered from both reactive (incident-based) and proactive (assessment-based) work processes.

Implementing an integrated enterprise-wide tool to consolidate data from risk reduction activities such as incident investigations, near-miss reports, and hazard analysis with resulting outcomes such as injury details, spill quantities, root causes, and assessment scores enables the organization to proactively allocate time and resources where it will be most impactful. This will improve their uptime, incident rate, reputation, and ultimately profitability.

Download Using Leading Indicators to Continuously Improve EHS & Sustainability Performance white paper to learn how to combine a large global data set with fundamental statistical methods to uncover factors that truly affect performance outcomes.

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