By Sphera’s Editorial Team | October 2, 2019

An Industry 4.0 Approach to Transforming Turnaround Performance

Turnarounds. The cornerstone of any plant’s maintenance strategy. But getting them right is tough. And as important as they are to profitability, most projects fail as a result of scope creep.

The problem occurs when the plan meets real time. Without the right tools – trying to adjust the plan during maintenance to accommodate any change can result in increased risk, unexpected delays, prolonged downtime/costly overruns – which can measure millions of dollars per day in lost production due to asset downtime!

Where digitalization and the adoption of automation technologies based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have allowed oil, gas and petrochemical manufacturers to make strides in improving operational performance, Industry 4.0 developments are also changing the way operators plan and execute major turnarounds.

This whitepaper outlines

  • Why turnaround planning and execution needs to be disrupted
  • How to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to deliver safe, efficient, effective turnarounds
  • What disrupting the turnaround status quo can mean in terms of your competitive advantage

Download the whitepaper.