By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 5, 2024

Exploring causes and consequences of supply chain risk

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report. This report explores the risks that threatened enterprises and suppliers the most in 2023, as well as their causes and consequences. We also investigate relevant events and look at real-life examples to illustrate how risk develops.

The data for this report was provided by Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) software—specifically, its AI-powered Risk Intelligence component, which provides real-time monitoring. Overall, our findings indicate major shifts in supply chain risk from January to November 2023 that include:

  • Growing supplier viability challenges due to inflation and higher wages and interest rates.
  • A massive rise in cyber threats.
  • Greater impact from extreme weather events and natural hazards.
  • Increasing pressure from ESG requirements.
  • War and geopolitical disputes that led to re-shoring trends.
of financial risk notifications were related to worsening revenue and growth outlook.
growth in cyber-related incidents was reported in the supplier network.
rise in indicator messages for tornadoes occurred over the same period in 2022.
increase in possible human rights violations took place in supply chains.

The Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report 2024 provides actionable insights into the state of supply chains today. We investigate trends that will shape the future, along with patterns in regional and corporate-level risk events. Finally, we illustrate how holistic supply chain risk management enables businesses to build resilient, agile and sustainable supply chains to drive the company’s competitive edge.

Understand the factors behind supply chain risk. Learn what you can do now to protect your supply chain and ensure business continuity.

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