By Sphera’s Editorial Team | December 9, 2020

SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting helps companies evolve from compliance to performance by establishing an auditable record for emissions management and delivering the insights that help benchmark and optimize asset performance

CHICAGO, IL (Dec. 9, 2020) Highly regulated companies can no longer focus solely on complying with environmental regulations. Investors, organizational leadership and the public expect maximum asset performance along with a reduced environmental impact. To help companies meet these expectations, Sphera, a leading global provider of Integrated Risk and Sustainability Management software, data and consulting services, has released a new cloud-based Environmental Accounting solution that reduces users’ regulatory compliance burden while delivering advanced insights to improve environmental sustainability.

The new Environmental Accounting solution is available on SpheraCloud, Sphera’s multitenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile platform that provides an integrated suite of applications to proactively mitigate and manage safety, sustainability and productivity risks across an enterprise.

SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting software offers a broad set of data management and calculation functionality for emissions inventory, corporate reporting and greenhouse gas reporting required to support today’s rigorous regulatory programs.

Without the right technology and tools in place, managing the complexity of required regulatory reporting leaves little time to focus on optimization. SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting presents both quantitative and qualitative data about emissions management in a single, dynamic screen. It dramatically reduces the time and effort to create reports and informational views, which saves time and allows for the proactive mitigation of risks from noncompliance.

SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting brings high transparency to a company’s emissions calculation. The data also powers corporate sustainability initiatives by feeding accurate, centralized and standardized emissions data into corporate reporting tools and helps ensure compliance with a single, traceable corporate system of record for emissions and operations data.

“Building on Sphera’s decades of experience using the powerful and trusted emissions calculation engine, we have now made the architecture and platform a fully integrated risk management offering for SpheraCloud,” said Sphera President and CEO Paul Marushka. “We have further enhanced all facets of the user experience to make everything—from data entry to troubleshooting to reporting—seamless. It is all powered by the real-time calculation engine that provides immediate actionable insights to drive performance. Additionally, SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting is designed to have customers up and running quickly for a faster return on investment.”

Watch the demo video or view the brochure to learn how Sphera’s Environmental Accounting solutions can help move your organization from environmental compliance to environmental performance.


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