Management of Change

Control the impact of change on your people and operations

Operational Risk

Ensure changes are managed safely and efficiently

Our Sphera Operational Risk Solution reduces change complexity with best practices for initiation, evaluation, approval and start-up of change management processes. We simplify the MOC process by clearly identifying all the required steps and approvals and prompting each user through his/her tasks in the project. This approach ensures that decisions are supported by real-time information and that information is easily accessible from the operator up to the CEO.

Sphera’s Management of Change helps you with:

  • Risk and Hazards Mitigation
  • Uniform MOC Practices
  • Improved Enterprise-wide Risk Visibility & Knowledge Sharing
  • Enhanced Process Execution
  • Centralized Action Management
  • Support for Regional and Divisional Influences and Unique Workflow Requirements

Why Sphera Solutions?

Sphera has a long track record of experience and success supporting our customer’s business needs.

Reduce Risk and Uncertainty

Sphera’s Management of Change solution enables companies to consistently and effectively mitigate risks and hazards associated with change. Let us help you implement an effective management of change program to improve safety levels, production and product quality, regulatory compliance, environmental performance and preserve your company’s reputation.

Standardize your Approach

  • Standardize MOC terminology, classification and risk scoring across the company and ensure consistent reviews and approvals.

Improve Visibility and Enterprise Analysis

  • Provide leadership access to consolidated MOC status reports, process safety metrics and KPIs to enable centralized action management.

Increase Efficiency and Execution

  • Prioritize MOCs and engage cross-functional MOC stakeholders and domain experts to proactively identify and manage risk in all areas of the organization.

Let Sphera help you with Management of Change

Be wary of uncontrolled change to designs or processes that can lead to process-related injuries and incidents. Explore Sphera’s outlook on effective Management of Change.


How Sphera’s solutions helped these companies

"S-Chem realized a 25% savings on costs and 75% on time through Sphera’s solutions for an improved ‘Management Of Change’ Process."

"As part of our MOC project, we expect to archive another 12 systems so there will be efficiency gains in our effort to operate incident-free - that's the real ROI."

Hear from our Customers

“Automation is a critical step in helping CITGO move forward with an improved Management of Change process... IMPACT helps us achieve compliance, efficiency and consistency through automation with one tool.”

“Partnering with Sphera has enabled us to better manage change, leading to heightened operational excellence and efficiency.”

“We’re able to make sure our safety team completes all of the necessary steps to implement a change using Stature for MOC. Without a system like this, tasks might not be completed and the result could be a safety disaster.”

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S-Chem Case Study