By | November 4, 2021

When Critical Assets Go Down, Will You Be Prepared?

Supply chain interruptions have become an inevitability. These interruptions have forced organizations to think differently to achieve competitive advantage. To consistently meet production objectives, organizations must recognize and understand exactly how their MRO spare parts inventories are linked to maintaining optimum production levels.

If a critical asset goes down, are the needed parts available in the storeroom or even from a supplier? Operational excellence was hard before, but is even harder today because supply is uncertain. How are firms addressing these risks today?

The winning solution is a combination of storeroom optimization, reliability strategy and having up-to-date MRO inventory catalog data available at your fingertips.

Watch the recording and hear PCA & Sphera discuss best practices for managing your storeroom, and the business benefit of deploying the right combination of solutions to achieve optimal business performance.

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