By Sphera’s Editorial Team | February 12, 2019

Using PHA Data to Improve Process Safety Management Efficiency

PHA studies represent a significant investment of both human and capital resources. When a focus is placed on the quality of the information captured during completion of these studies, the results can be used to do much more than just complete a document that is archived for compliance purposes.

This webinar will show how simple changes in how PHA data is captured and presented can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of other process safety management activities, and therefore, improve overall operational excellence.

Attendees of this webinar:

  • Will gain insight into the different elements of typical PHA studies, and how they impact other PSM elements and activities
  • Will understand how PHA study data can be analyzed and reorganized to support other activities
  • Will understand how the overall quality of the study information significantly impacts the entire PSM process.

View the on-demand webinar.