By Sphera’s Editorial Team | September 26, 2023

Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is essential for business resilience and sustainability in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. However, many organizations face challenges with managing and governing their data assets across various domains and systems.

By dramatically improving the data quality of spare parts, assets, raw materials, services, and finished goods data across the enterprise, a proper master data management enables better supply chain process execution and data relevance.

Success in business means having the right MRO parts in the right place at the right time, facilitated by complete, consistent, clean MRO parts data, aligned with plant-level and supplier-level information. Combined with managing external risk, you can enjoy these benefits, sell more products, control costs, and drive greater profitability. How can we do this better?

Learn in this webinar how to:

  •  Get your data clean and to keep it clean, turning data into an asset, so you can run your business better, to avoid disruptions in production, to better balance supply and demand
  • Enhance your sub-tier visibility and traceability as well as reduce risk in your single commodities
  • Optimize your cost, revenue, market share, reputation and growth sustainably and in compliance


Heiko Schwarz, Global Supply Chain Risk Advisor

Dave Kuketz , VP of MDM Global and SCRM Americas

Moderator from SIG: Sourcing Industry Group CEO and President, Dawn Tiura