By | July 7, 2021

Industry Best Practices When Combining HAZOP and LOPA

Webinar in cooperation with our partner Vanguard Risk and Safety Asia.

Are you wondering if HAZOP and LOPA should be combined? Sphera Solutions discusses the pitfalls, industry best practices and more in this sponsored webinar.

This webinar looks at the increasing use of LOPA and how the additional effort is causing process safety engineers to seek ways to make the overall HAZOP and LOPA process more efficient. You’ll then focus on a common approach to performing a combined HAZOP and LOPA. Technology supports it and it has produced good results. But this approach comes with many pitfalls and issues that can affect the overall process. We will also examine the impact on study results, how efficiencies gained undermine the participation of the team that generates the results, and more.

Watch our webinar to learn more about:

  • A common approach to performing a combined HAZOP and LOPA
  • The impact on study results
  • Are the efficiencies gained worth it?
  • Pitfalls and issues that may affect the overall process

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