By Sphera’s Editorial Team | November 21, 2022

How Protecting Your Workforce And Intelligent Safety Data Make The Case For Using The Latest Technology

Safety has always been important but never more so for businesses than during the past years. The hard reality is that frontline workers faced several new health risks. For health and safety professionals, this means increased pressure to keep their company’s workers safe. To understand safety performance, accurate and up-to-date safety metrics are needed to capture risks by recording incidents, near-misses, and safety-related observations – and the capability to take the right actions. The secret to improved safety performance lies in the right tools, accurate data, and powerful analytics.

The Co-op, the UK’s largest cooperative, uses SpheraCloud software as part of its health and safety system with a focus on risk assessment, incident reporting, and analytics. In this webinar, they will share the key drivers for the successful implementation of their health and safety approach. 

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