By Sphera’s Editorial Team | September 12, 2023

Coordination of ISSB and CSRD: Streamlining ESG Reporting for International Businesses

In an evolving global reporting landscape, businesses are under increasing pressure to consolidate, structure, and annually disclose their sustainability performance. This challenge is particularly pronounced for companies operating across jurisdictions, where deciphering the necessary reporting obligations can be complex. Is your company ready to successfully navigate the ESG reporting jungle and meet the information needs of regulators and investors?

In this 1-hour webinar, we will provide clarity on reporting requirements for companies operating globally. With a specific focus on CSRD and ISSB standards, we will equip you with practical solutions that can help you effectively translate disclosure requirements into practice.

Key topics include:

• Explore how to analyze your group organization structure to identify CSRD reporting obligations and get further clarity on reporting exemptions that may apply

• Hear core elements of the CSRD and ISSB standards and see where synergies may lie

• Understand how to conduct your double materiality assessment

• Learn the digitization requirements to enhance your data accuracy and accessibility


*Sandy Smith, VP, Sales – EHS&S

*Anna-Stina Reuter, Sr Consultant

*Neil Stewart, Director of Corporate Outreach, at the IFRS Foundation.

*Ahsan A. Azim, Leader, Special Projects, ESG& Enterprise Performance Management at SABIC