By Sphera’s Editorial Team | December 1, 2020

Conforming Facility & Infrastructure Security Risk Assessments to Process Industry Standards

Your organization must clearly understand the risks in your company, your technology, and your processes and verify controls to safeguard against security threats. Security Risk Assessments offer a comprehensive review of anything that could pose a risk to the company’s security and compliance. This is an especially big undertaking as the process industries contend with new forms of operational risk that compromise the security of critical infrastructure and digital systems.

All facilities face risks associated with threats because of accidents or intentional acts to cause harm. In addition, traditional plant control systems and new digital transformation initiatives require organizations to integrate IT and OT as they connect more of their businesses, exposing them to possible cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

During this webinar, Sphera’s experts will demonstrate how Process Industry operators can conform to industry standards, including RAMCAP, CCPS SVA, and API/NPRA SRA to effectively assess facility and infrastructure risk.


  • Narenderpal Marwaha, Operational Risk Management Consultant, Sphera
  • John Crosman, Process Safety Consultant, Sphera

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