Hazardous Waste
Management Software

Ensure proper disposal with approved and compliant resources.

Simplify Your Turn-in Process of Hazardous Property

Responsibly and safely disposing of hazardous materials is an important part of a strong chemical management program but is complicated by local, federal and global regulations.

Our Hazardous Waste Disposition solution (HWD) allows environmental specialists and contracting representatives to administer high-quality contract solutions for hazardous waste disposal and services to warfighters.

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Our Hazardous Waste Management solution is a web-based software that allows government agencies to:

  • Access a worldwide network of hazardous waste management and disposal contracts
  • Easily submit documentation electronically
  • Provide on-demand compliance and performance reporting

The compliant and approved resource to manage hazardous waste all the way to the grave.

Streamline the Turn-in Process

Easily submit documentation to disposition services through our electronic system to manage the waste from pickup to final disposal.

Mitigate Risk with the Definitive, Trusted Source

Eliminate redundancies and discrepancies with an enterprise-wide solution that serves more than 70 government sites and thousands of users.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Risk

Access current and compliant information to ensure disposal regulatory requirements are being met.

Join the Mission of Continuous Improvement

Meet DoD’s goal of deploying technology to gain efficiencies across Hazardous Material Management programs.

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