Emission-Free Public Transport through Alternative Powertrains

We help you to convert your bus fleet to alternative powertrains

Estimate the operational, ecological and economic effects of a fleet conversion to alternative drives.

Initial design of hydrogen and charging infrastructure

Initial design of the hydrogen and charging infrastructure (site suitability, space requirements, required connected load, etc.)

Impact on vehicle supply

Impact on vehicle supply, maintenance and training needs

Life cycle assessment of environmental impacts

Life cycle assessment of the environmental impacts over the entire life cycle of the fleet, including the provision of hydrogen and electricity

Estimation of costs

Estimation of the costs for vehicle procurement and infrastructure development associated with a fleet change

Benefits for Your Organization

Holistic Comparison of Technology

Holistic technology comparison with consideration of the latest drive technologies (battery electric, fuel cell, fuel cell range extender, H2-burner) in relation to your specific (future) fleet composition and driving performance

Determination of Energy Demand

Determination of the expected energy demand for hydrogen and electricity based on your circulation data and initial design of the necessary infrastructure

Presentation of Investment Requirements

Presentation of the investment requirements for vehicles and infrastructure, taking into account current funding opportunities

Determination of Emission Quantity

Determination of the reduction of CO2 and relevant nitrogen oxide and particle emissions compared to diesel vehicles

Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Balance

Consideration of different hydrogen and power supply paths (delivery or electrolysis on site, grid and green electricity etc.) and their impact on the greenhouse gas balance of your bus fleet

Consideration of Operational Requirements

Consideration of individual operational requirements when designing the hydrogen and charging infrastructure (e.g. higher safety reserve)

Cost Comparison with Diesel Technology

Cost comparison with conventional diesel technology over the life cycle costing (LCC)

Conducting Surveys

Implementation of surveys on social acceptance

Case Study busfleet

Case Study: Emission-Free Public Transport

Download this case to learn how Sphera helped rnv overcome challenges in the public transport sector (case study is in German).

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