By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 14, 2022

OneSafety at UPM: From Identification of Risks to Practical Measures

Harmonization of global safety and environmental processes

UPM has set clear priorities and goals for social responsibility at work and a safe and healthy working environment for their workforce, contractors, partners, and suppliers.

With ‘OneSafety’ UPM introduced a global OHS&E solution to ensure overall compliance with the UPM Safety Standards and assess and mitigate health and safety risks. The SpheraCloud Health and Safety Management software platform provides a seamless integration of various Health and Safety modules, available on a single platform, to ensure a consistent process across UPM’s organization to prioritize, assign, notify, track and report on corrective and preventive actions from any location, at any time. It helped realize the UPM Security Principles and to embrace safety rules and safety culture with one clear objective: zero fatal and serious accidents.

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