By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 11, 2022

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Many enterprises with Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management [formerly riskmethods] want to take the next step toward greater resilience. With Sphera Sub-tier Visibility , enterprises and their business partners can manage supply chain risk collaboratively to gain multi-tier visibility.  

Suppliers benefit by being able to visualize their own suppliers on a world map and become more risk aware. All this at no cost to them.  

With Sphera Sub-tier Visibility, you can: 

  • React faster to risk events within sub-tiers, supported by having sourcing and mitigation strategies already in place. 
  • Strengthen your supplier relationships and reduce supply disruption by collaborating on risk management. 
  • Maintain compliance and sustainability along multiple tiers to avoid fines and reputational damage. 

Among our customers who use this approach is the specialty-chemicals company, Clariant, who confirms the high value of managing risk collaboratively throughout their entire supply network. 

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