By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 29, 2023

Mining is a highly dangerous and volatile industry that requires strong corporate and government oversight. And, with many mine operators relying upon outdated paper-based permits systems, it can be difficult to manage risk and ensure safety. 

Sphera’s Control of Work for Mining helps mine operators to increase safety, reduce risk and build on their solid operational ESG foundation in the metals, mining and mineral processing industries by: 

  • Standardization of company policies and procedures into operational practice. Supervisors can ensure work is done at the right location via GPS tracking capabilities. 
  • Integration of permits, isolations/LOTO and risk assessments to better manage dependencies. Operators can proactively manage SIMOPS and maintenance shifts in real time. 
  • Enabling online/offline functionality, so crews can always have access to permits, even where connectivity is limited. Digital permits can be templated, copied and utilized at other mines. 

To learn more, download the brochure.