Continuously Improve Your Safety Culture

The challenges we faced in 2020 have reshaped the way we think about the safety of our employees, assets and communities. Those changes won’t end with the pandemic; instead they will set a new bar for the way we manage safety across the enterprise.

One thing has not changed, however: at the core of any leading-edge safety program is a strong safety culture that guides decisions about products, operations, and employees.

safety culture
said they believe safety is part of corporate value structures and is supported by the highest levels of management, including the company’s president or CEO.

However, over

said developing a safety culture is a top challenge.

Moving Up the Safety Maturity Curve

While zero incidents is the goal, progress is the priority. Regardless of where you are on the maturity curve, incremental change can drive real improvement to safety and the bottom line.

Meeting local, federal, and global obligations


Centralized and standardized safety management, reporting and insights


Integrated technology and best practices that align with operational and financial goals


Unified, predictive, real-time, dynamic safety performance management across processes, people and products


Focusing on Safety Culture Drives Meaningful Results

 Companies at the leader stage have:

Reduced Incident Rates

Decreased Data Collection and  Reporting Time

Lower Insurance Premiums and Risk Reserves

Reduced Brand Risk and Product Recalls

Reduced Audit and Compliance Findings

Take The Next Step

Knowing where you are can help you determine the right investments to make to improve safety culture. Explore Sphera’s maturity assessments and information to discover how to move to the next stage of maturity.

Operational Risk Management Maturity Assessment

Product Stewardship Maturity Assessment

Positioned for Health & Safety Success

Process Safety Maturity Assessment

SpheraCloud Supports Your Safety Culture Journey

Sphera is committed to creating a safer, more productive and sustainable world. Learn more about our solutions and how they support a strong safety foundation.

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