SpheraCloud delivers on Sphera’s vision of creating an end-to-end ESG and risk management solution on a single, scalable platform.

SpheraCloud offers an improved user experience and feature enhancements designed to advance companies’ ability to optimize performance across Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Product Stewardship

Chicago, IL (July 27, 2021) – Sphera®, a global leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services, announces the evolution of its SpheraCloud® platform via an enhanced user interface and new interconnected features.

The new SpheraCloud enhancements are centered around providing customers with vital ESG and risk management information in a more integrated, intuitive, streamlined manner. Enhancements include:

  • Unified User Experience: The entire suite of applications on SpheraCloud now share a consistent, modern design and updated navigation to make it easier to toggle between solutions.
  • Single Sign-on: Customers can now enable their employees to access all their SpheraCloud products with existing and familiar credentials.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Users can capture and deliver information anywhere and anytime. This is especially crucial to customers in the heavy industries that need to capture and relay critical safety information while out in the field.

SpheraCloud is a SaaS-based web and mobile suite of applications designed to help businesses improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their ESG and risk portfolio in a single, scalable platform. The technology is built on decades of expertise and offers flexible delivery options—from single-site deployments to global rollouts.

“Since we first unveiled SpheraCloud in 2017, we have prioritized our investment in the user experience,” said Mike Zamis, Sphera’s chief product officer. “For the past four years, our product and engineering teams have dedicated themselves to developing the strongest ESG and risk management platform on the market. The redesigned user interface and solution enhancements are only the beginning of the many innovations to come.”

SpheraCloud solutions are divided into three product lines:

  • Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability: EHS&S leaders must ensure employees and the environment are protected while maintaining operations, remaining compliant, managing regulatory changes and improving sustainability. Sphera helps companies collect, manage and share data and resources across business units to fuel forward-looking insights for continuous EHS&S performance improvement. This integrated approach connects stakeholders, information, and insights across the entire risk value chain.
  • Operational Risk Management: Digitally transforming and integrating ORM strategies, processes and tools provides plant leaders with intelligence to navigate risks, maintain governance and controls, and drive continuous performance improvements.
  • Product Stewardship: Even the most experienced product stewards can be overwhelmed by the demands put on their teams. We help our clients comply with complex regulations around the globe, automate the creation and distribution of critical documentation, streamline and centralize compliance information, and enhance the sustainability and marketability of products—improving the performance of both products and the bottom line.

“SpheraCloud is the first solution of its kind to seamlessly bring together EHS&S, ORM and product stewardship functions in one integrated and user-friendly platform,” said Sphera President and CEO Paul Marushka. “It breaks down information silos so all teams across the organization can have the same holistic view of the organization’s ESG performance and risk profile to allow them to make better business decisions and mitigate risk. ESG is one of the most important investment criteria in today’s marketplace. Being able to access all of that performance information in one place can not only help companies become safer, more sustainable and more productive but also allow them to advance their ESG strategy while offering their investors additional transparency.”

Over 3,000 customers and millions of users trust Sphera to keep their people safe, their products sustainable and their operations productive.

Learn more about SpheraCloud at sphera.com/spheracloud

About Sphera

Sphera is the leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services focusing on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). For more than 30 years, we have served over 8,400 customers and a million-plus users in 95 countries to help companies keep their people safe, their products sustainable and their operations productive. Learn more about Sphera at www.sphera.com. Follow Sphera on LinkedIn. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

Denise Jones, Marketing Communications Manager, Sphera, djones@sphera.com 

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