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A Safe Organization Requires a Safety Culture Powered by Digital Insights

In the EU, work-related incidents and injuries cost 476 billion euros a year while in the United States work-related injuries cost employers more than $170 billion each year. It is no longer good enough to simply be in compliance with regulatory guidelines; companies must continually look to improve the safety of their workforce. We continue to see the demand for reliable EHS&S software rising because companies want to do better for their people, their processes and their communities. Noncompliance can mean huge fines and financial charges, but can also affect the company’s overall performance and cause serious global damage to the organization’s reputation.

Our latest Sphera Safety Survey found that:

75% said that safety is part of the corporate culture, supported by the highest levels of management
but only 40% said they have a well-defined roadmap to improve safety performance

Call For Digital Tools For Incident Reporting and Data Analysis

This gap between safety intent and reality is concerning. When we look into the tools used to report incidents we find:

Incident Reporting and Data Analysis

More than 50% of event data seems to be hidden on paper and in Excel documents rather than made available to all concerned parties across the organization. When only 43% of companies use software to report incidents, and only 40% of the complete workforce can report these events, we see why such a yawning gap exists.

Explore how Sphera helped UPM harmonize its safety and environmental processes across the company to realize the UPM Security Principles and to embrace safety rules and safety culture with one clear objective: zero fatal and serious accidents.

Digitalization has immense potential to support nearly all mission-critical business processes. Why is there so little technology adoption for health and safety management processes?

Organizations can improve their safety culture, ensure their workforce’s safety and drive productivity through advanced data, software and expertise. Recent analyst reports confirm that EHS&S leaders understand that digital technology plays an essential role in EHS&S management and performance.

“The accelerated digitization of EHS processes and the increasing long-term focus on operationalizing ESG and sustainability risk management will shape the EHS software market in the next five years.”

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The Gap Between Safety Intent and Implementation Persists

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It’s time to use integrated ESG software to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Seamless integration will enforce EHS&S process discipline across the organization.

Health & Safety in the Face of Change - Sphera

Learn how to improve your Safety Performance with SpheraCloud Health & Safety Management Software. Our mobile-friendly platform provides full risk visibility and offers holistic, end-to-end risk management capabilities to ensure a robust safety culture to protect your workforce and your operations.

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