TCFD Assessment and Climate Risk Reporting Services

Take control of your climate-related risks and opportunities to boost your ESG performance.

Secure Access to Fresh Capital Through Transparent Climate Risk Management

One of the most significant risks that organizations face today relates to climate change. This results in investors and governments demanding more transparency from companies about their governance structures, strategies, and risk management practices in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

With many years of experience in conducting strategic climate risk modeling projects, Sphera’s sustainability consultants can help you successfully identify and manage your company’s climate risks and opportunities. Our experts assist your organization with reporting in line with TCFD, CSRD and the SEC’s proposed climate-related disclosure rules and provide you with best-in-class expertise, software and data solutions for climate-related risk and opportunity assessments and risk mitigation strategy development.

TCFD Reporting Services

Benefit from Methodological Expertise to Effectively Identify Risks and Opportunities

By reviewing their ESG strategy, current disclosures and other assets, companies can spot gaps they need to close in order to comply with TCFD guidance. Sphera’s sustainability experts can help your company identify and assess climate-related risks and opportunities based on your existing work and internal documents, various climate risk tools and the application of different climate scenarios. In addition, we benchmark your performance when assessing your climate-related risks and opportunities against peers and competitors.

Create Consistency Through Categorization

To ensure consistency in the information disclosed, TCFD requires companies to classify climate-related risks and opportunities into specific categories. Sphera’s sustainability consultants can guide your organization through this process and assist you with:

  • Classification of risks and opportunities according to the TCFD matrix.
  • Identification of climate-related risk and opportunity categories and major risk drivers.
  • Company-specific description of key risks and opportunities.
  • Description of risk management responses and strategy for realizing opportunities.
TCFD Reporting Services
TCFD Reporting Services

Translate Climate Risks and Opportunities Into Financial Values

The TCFD assessment provides companies with valuable insights into the financial implications of their climate-related risks and opportunities. Ease the burden of implementing TCFD disclosure requirements and work with Sphera to select and describe the appropriate financial impact categories. We can help you with the initial monetization of risks and opportunities by suggesting, for example, how to assess the impact on your company’s costs or revenues, as well as the costs of managing risks and opportunities.

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