Mastering the basics of MRO Master Data Management

In the realm of operational risk management, ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of MRO data is paramount. Sphera, a global leader in operational excellence solutions, invites you to gain invaluable insights from our distinguished speaker, Dave Kuketz, VP of Global Strategy for MRO Master Data Management.

In this engaging session, Dave will take you back to basics, illuminating the significance of proper data cleaning and maintenance to best fuel your Maintenance, Repair and Operations processes. Through real-world examples and industry best practices, attendees will:

• Understand the critical role of MRO data in driving operational efficiency and mitigating risks.

• Learn essential strategies for cleansing and maintaining MRO data integrity.

• Explore the transformative impact of accurate MRO data on organizational performance and profitability.

• Gain actionable insights to optimize your MRO Master Data Management strategy and unlock operational excellence.

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