Join Our Exclusive Webinar: Tailored Enhancements to Sphera’s Advanced Risk Assessment Solution

Date: Wednesday, Aug 6, 2024

Time: 10 AM EST | 9am CT


At Sphera, your feedback is invaluable. We are excited to present the latest enhancements to our Advanced Risk Assessment (ARA) solution, tailored specifically to meet your evolving needs. These updates reflect our commitment to continuously improving and adapting our solutions based on your insights and operational demands.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will unveil these enhancements and demonstrate how they can transform your risk management practices. Additionally, learn why transitioning to our cloud-based ARA solution can take your risk management to the next level.

What to Expect:

• A First Look at Our New, Modernized Interface

• Integration of Plant and Risk Management Systems with New Library API Integrations

• Advanced Analytics Capabilities for Actionable Insights

• Intuitive Functionality Enhancements, Including Find and Replace

• Centralized User Management for Improved Efficiency

• Enhanced Browser-based Editor for Streamlined Operations

• A Sneak Peek into Upcoming Updates Later This Year

• Discover the Benefits of Enterprise-level Capabilities

• Learn How Cloud-based ARA Enhances Efficiency and Scalability


This webinar is a unique opportunity to see how your feedback has shaped the future of ARA and how these updates will help you achieve safer, more efficient industrial practices. Secure your spot and continue your journey with the industry leading software for PHAs, HAZOPS and FMEA.

Scott Redford
Director, Product Management