Schwalbe is a brand of the Ralf Bohle company. Familyowned since 1922, it is now managed by the third generation of the Bohle family. Headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries across Europe and North America and distribution in over 70 countries, Schwalbe is truly a global brand and is leading the way in environmental responsibility in their sector. Schwalbe has set ambitious CSR goals, including reducing their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 55% by 2030. With cradle-to-cradle design as their inspiration, Schwalbe is taking significant steps to reduce their environmental impact.  



Providing LCA data for all Schwalbe tires by 2025

Identifying key contributors of environmental impacts in tire production 

Reducing Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions by 55% by 2030 



Analyzing the carbon footprint of bike tires made with recycled and renewable raw materials compared to the fossil based benchmark


Identifying further improvement areas and hotspots across all production stages


Analyzing and optimizing the carbon footprint of all product categories across the entire life cycle


Sphera’s LCA for Experts software and Managed LCA Content

Schwalbe began their search for a solution to help them address the challenges associated with the creation of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) comparisons and hotspot analysis. It became clear that Sphera’s LCA for Experts software and Managed LCA Content were the right fit for Schwalbe, and a first detailed cradle-to-gate carbon footprint study for Schwalbe was already established.



Cradle-to-gate carbon footprint results for the “Green Marathon” bike tire compared to its predecessor model


Analysis of hot spots identified key contributors relevant to the environmental impacts of the tire manufacturing process


Scalable tool and data solution in place to extend to full life cycle, full product range and full LCA indicator set

Thanks to Sphera’s LCA for Experts software and Managed LCA Content, Schwalbe achieved cradle-to-gate carbon footprint results for its “Green Marathon” bike tire compared to its predecessor model. By performing in-depth analysis of hot spots, the company identified key contributors relevant to the environmental impacts of the tire manufacturing process. Schwalbe was able to put Sphera’s scalable tool and data solution in place, supplemented by Sustainability Consulting Services, to extend its analysis to the full product life cycle, full product range and full LCA indicator set.  

“As pioneers in the bicycle industry, we aim to provide our customers with LCA data for all Schwalbe tires and tubes by 2025. To achieve this goal, we are working with Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment software and combining Sphera databases with our own production and supplier data. As a blueprint, the CO2 footprint of the new Schwalbe Green Marathon bicycle tire was calculated and compared with its predecessor model. Building on this, we will further intensify our commitment to environmental responsibility and transparently communicate the ecological benefits of our products.”

— Sebastian Bogdahn, Environmental R&D Manager, Schwalbe – Ralf Bohle GmbH

What made this happen?

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