Product Compliance For SAP® EHS

Classify products and create compliant safety data sheets (SDS).

Streamline Your Product Compliance Program

Compliance Engine for EH&S is an integrated pre-packaged product compliance suite for SAP EH&S that delivers regulatory data, rule sets, phrases, templates and content to accelerate the benefits of your investment.

Top Benefits of Product Compliance For SAP® EHS

Streamline Processes

Enable rapid and accurate generation of compliant regulatory documentation to increase EHS productivity.

Manage Compliance Risk

Substantially decrease the risk of non-compliance and shipment delays with accurate, integrated, up-to-date documentation for your products.

Understand Compliance Impacts

Enable timely assessments of regulatory impacts on your current products.

Improve Transparency

Increase visibility and traceability of data associated with your products and their documentation.

The Right Tools to Meet Your Product Compliance EHS Goals

Sphera Compliance Engine for EHS

Compliance Engine for EHS is a flexible, comprehensive managed regulatory content solution designed for the process industry to accelerate deployment. It injects a broad range of pre-packaged content and analytics into the SAP® EHS Module and reduces deployment time and effort.

Sphera Enhance

Enhance is a state-of-the-art content editor that regulatory experts can use to change the behavior of their core SAP® EHS system rules and support company specific requirements. It allows the creation and/or adoption of the most current regulatory content in Compliance Engine for EHS application. Enhance enables the creation and/or modification of rules, viewing of phrases and mapping of rule outputs to a product property tree.

Sphera DataLink for EHS – Product Safety

Up-to-date collection of physical, chemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological and regulatory data that supports the rules engine.

Sphera DataLink for EHS – Dangerous Goods

Manage UN Listed Substances and reduce the time and costs associated with entering and maintaining dangerous goods data. Comply with the following transport regulations: DOT, TDG, ADR, ADNR, RID, ADG, China, Mexico, Brazil, New-Zealand, IATA, IMDG, and UN.

Managed Regulatory Compliance Content

Connecting Content and Technology

Application ready updates to data, rules, templates and logic truly automate the classification process of your products and the production of your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other compliance related documents.

7500+ Proprietary Rules

Our experts monitor and analyze regulatory changes and deliver rules and logic to automate the classification and assessment of products according to regulatory jurisdiction.

300,000+ Chemicals and Properties

We monitor, maintain and update lists of regulated chemicals that include a wide range of data to support screening and classification of products.

15,000+ Regulatory Phrases

We have rigorous quality and validation processes and also deliver and update a standard translated phrase library and ESCom phrases in support of REACH, and a wide array of templates, forms and labels.

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