Compliance Engine for EH&S

Optimize Your SAP EH&S Investment for Safer, More Sustainable Operation.  

Streamline Your Product Compliance Program. 

Sphera’s Compliance Engine for EH&S—an integrated, pre-packaged product compliance suite for SAP® EH&Sestablishes safety and sustainability as the norm. With regulatory data, rule sets, phrases, templates and content, Sphera’s solution reduces the complexity of compliance.   

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An Easier Route to Compliance. 

Rely on the broad range of pre-packaged content and analytics that Sphera’s Compliance Engine makes available in the SAP® EH&S Module. The comprehensive regulatory content solution reduces the time and effort needed for deployment. And because there are different ways to interpret regulatory gray areas and stay compliant, our Compliance Engine offers flexibility in parameter controls. Users can also enforce decisions about regulatory variables affecting the content of their Safety Data Sheets. 

Manage Product Compliance with Greater Flexibility.

Change the behavior of your core SAP® EH&S system rules and support company-specific requirements with Sphera Enhance, our state-of-the-art content editor. Create and / or modify rules, view phrases and map rule outputs to a product property tree using Enhance’s user-friendly interface. You can also create or adopt the most current regulatory content in Sphera’s Compliance Engine for EH&S application  

Compliance Engine for EH&S
Compliance Engine for EH&S

Gain Control of Your Data. 

Control your data and protect your IP by deciding which regulatory content gets loaded to your SAP environment using the capabilities available in Sphera’s Compliance Engine for EH&S. Access the latest physical, chemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological and regulatory data you need. As an essential, integrated input element, this data is systematically updated to support the rules engine.  

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