Hazardous Material Management Software

Ensure total visibility and control from cradle to grave with our HMMS software.

Efficiently Manage Dangerous Goods Across the Lifecycle

Our Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) provides a wide range of cradle-to-grave tracking, management, and reporting capabilities for hazardous materials and hazardous waste management that allows users to manage a material before it comes into a facility, through each activity, until waste is manifested and shipped to a treatment, storage, or disposal facility for final disposition.

Deployed throughout the Department of Defense since 1993, HMMS software has introduced and supported business process improvements to achieve the management goals and help satisfy the federal, state, and local reporting and compliance requirements of each facility.

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HMMS Software Is a Multi-Module, Web-Based Tool Providing:

  • Streamlined and standardized end-to-end processes
  • Centralized interfaces for improved functionality
  • Improved interoperability to stay efficient and compliant
  • Accessible cradle-to-grave tracking and reporting

Stay Compliant With Our Comprehensive Hazardous Material Management System

Optimize Your Materials

Maintain an authorized use list of products and track chemical inventory from receipt, through issue to turn in. Capitalize on your ROI by utilizing re-issue and free issue.

Properly Track Waste

Create waste stream and waste profiles through issue to turn in to Disposition Services using DLA GENCOMM or third-party disposal.

Prevent Pollution

The non-hazardous solid waste module provides installations solutions to managing the requirements of EO 13693 “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade” and allows you to cost-effectively manage solid waste diversion, waste prevention and a Qualified Recycling Program (QRP).

Leverage Regulatory and Ad-hoc Reporting

Manage Environmental Compliance and Regulatory reporting such as Tier II, TRI and site specific reports.

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