Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Documented proof of your product’s environmental strengths

Get the Support You Need to Create EPDs

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) enable the assessment of the environmental impact of products and label them accordingly. Having created more than 1,800 EPDs, we would be pleased to support and guide you, from the initial consultation to the verified EPD.

EPD Consulting Services Will Help You with:

  • Creating a holistic Life Cycle Assessments for your products, transfer the results into verification-compliant background and EPD reports and organize the entire verification process.
  • Green Building Fact Sheets: We determine which requirements are relevant for your product in the context of building sustainability systems and help you determine the necessary information (e.g., data for LCA).
  • EPD Automation: Go live and obtain system verification from an EPD program operator with our support in integrating software solutions for LCA and EPD automation into your system environment.

Top Benefits of Our EPD Consulting Service:

Satisfy Information Needs

EPDs ensure a smooth flow of information among all stakeholders. Help them quickly find conclusive answers to questions about a product’s waste, energy consumption or emissions based on the information contained in your EPDs.

Secure Competitive Advantages

As the number of sustainability certification processes for buildings increases, the demand is also growing for products with EPDs. Providing environmental information is even a requirement in many requests for bids. Companies that prepare EPDs for their products have a clear competitive advantage.

Increase Credibility

When you provide independently verified, and therefore high-quality, environmental information about your products, you also document your environmental responsibility and increase your own credibility.

Environmentally Sound Product Development

Preparing EPDs for your products gives you a clear competitive advantage. Clearly communicated, uniform information along the entire supply chain makes it easier to avoid hazardous materials, use materials and energy efficiently, develop clean manufacturing procedures and increase the lifecycle of a product.

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