Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental proof of your product’s competitive advantage.

Quantify, Certify and Communicate the Environmental Performance of Your Products

For most industries, decarbonization of the supply chain plays the most significant role in the race towards the net-zero emissions target. Downstream customers and increasing political regulations are forcing supplier companies to disclose the environmental performance of their products in a transparent, comparable, and trustworthy way.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are the communication tools that help companies meet these requirements. Based on the consistent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, EPDs enable quantification of the environmental impact of products. Therefore, they serve as a reliable source of information for comparison and selection of suppliers.

Moreover, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a communication format that is integrated into building and construction workflows and used extensively by green building certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, or DGNB International. By using EPDs, companies can gain a competitive advantage in green public procurement. Marketing can refer to EPDs to verify environmental claims for products.

Provide a documented proof of your product’s environmental strengths with Sphera’s tailored EPD solutions focusing on your company’s individual needs. You decide which stage you should reach:

Sphera’s Tailored EPD Solutions

EPD as a Service

EPDs for single products generated by Sphera’s sustainability experts, timely and cost-effectively.


Protect & increase market share

EPD at Scale

EPDs for a larger number of products generated with Sphera’s tailored eco-design and EPD tool, flexible and easy to use.


Increase productivity & reduce cost

EPD Automation

Automated generation of EPDs for the entire product portfolio with Sphera’s LCA software solutions and data integrated into your company’s system environment.


Outperform competitors & shape the future

Top Benefits of Sphera’s EPD Solutions and Consulting Services:

Satisfy Information Needs

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) ensure a smooth flow of information among all stakeholders. Help them quickly find conclusive answers to questions about a product’s waste, energy consumption or emissions based on the information contained in your EPDs.

Secure Competitive Advantages

With the number of sustainability certification processes for buildings increasing, there is a growing demand for products with EPDs. Providing environmental information is now a requirement in many requests for bids. Companies that prepare EPDs for their products have a clear competitive advantage.

Increase Credibility

When you provide independently verified, and therefore high-quality, environmental information about your products, you also document your environmental responsibility and increase your credibility.

Develop Environmentally Sound Products

Clearly communicated, uniform information along the entire supply chain makes it easier to avoid hazardous materials, use materials and energy efficiently, develop clean manufacturing procedures and increase the lifecycle of a product.

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Easy to Use Eco-design and Communication Tool

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