Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Services

Provide environmental proof of your product’s competitive advantage.

Move From Promises to Proof for Your Products’ Environmental Strengths

With increasing market and regulatory demand for transparent, comparable information on the sustainability performance of products, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have become essential for competitive success. But developing EPDs has never been easy: time-consuming development processes; difficulties aligning internal commitments, resources and expertise; and ensuring availability and quality of life cycle inventory data are just a few of the daunting challenges companies face. Sphera’s experienced consultants help you clear these hurdles with confidence and complete each stage of the EPD development and verification process with optimal efficiency.

Optimize Every Stage of the EPD Process

Optimize Every Stage
of the EPD Process

Whether youre just getting started with your first EPD or seeking expertise and guidance to improve the process, Sphera’s sustainability consultants can provide guidance and executional assistance at any step of EPD development. With more than 20 years of experience in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and EPDs, our experts can help select appropriate Product Category Rules (PCRs), execute data collection and run consistent LCA calculations, as well as assure timely verification and on-time publication with the EPD program operator.  

Boost ESG Performance With EPD Solutions Tailored
to Your Company’s Needs

Providing verified evidence of your products’ environmental benefits is essential for overall
ESG performance improvement. To best serve your unique ESG journey, we tailor our EPD
solutions to your company’s specific situation.

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Achieve Sustainable Success With Training, Tools and Insight

Sustainable success starts with insight and continues with execution informed by new understanding. Sphera’s sustainability consultants help you mature your EPD programs and provide your company with the right training, software and data to continuously succeed on your own. 

Achieve Sustainable Success with Training, Tools and Insight

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