By Sphera’s Editorial Team | September 30, 2021

Our first Sustainability Survey explores where companies are in their ESG and sustainability journeys in the face of massive economic and climatic changes. Are they invested in the future of the planet and in building resilient businesses? Do they know how to overcome the many challenges of becoming an ESG-driven company that meets stakeholder expectations?

We partnered with the University of Esslingen in Germany to create a survey that will help us get answers to these questions. Sphera partnered with South Pole, an organization that develops and implements comprehensive emission reduction projects, and protected one tree for each survey respondent

Impact through Innovation

We followed the Sphera Sustainability Maturity Model for this survey. The model provides a framework of sustainability maturity for global companies in terms of commitment, strategy, implementation, measurement and reporting. We surveyed 218 professionals from companies across industries, including Automotive, Construction, Education, Health, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Technology.

Our findings show management’s clear commitment to sustainability (51%) but implementation lags (21%) behind commitment.

How are businesses stepping up to bridge this gap?
Companies have a crucial role to play in tackling the climate change challenge. Do they know how effective their ESG reporting and sustainability efforts are?
Do they know how to develop a sustainability program or the benefits of one?

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