The Reality of Sub-Tier Visibility

Date & Time:
July 16, 2024 | 10am CST / 5pm CET

Sub-tier visibility is the new buzzword in supply chain management, but what does a viable sub-tier visibility program look like? Join us for our insightful webinar where we examine the evolving landscape of sub tier visibility and the reality of how to approach this topic within your organization.

We’ll demystify the milestones of a successful multi-tier program, level set realistic expectations for approaching this topic in your organization and common pitfalls to avoid.

Key topics we’ll be discussing:

  1. Sub-Tier Visibility Today: The common misperceptions of a successful sub-tier program
  2. Key Milestones: What a successful sub-tier visibility program looks like today
  3. Moving Forward: Top recommendations to keep in mind when evaluating the right approach for your organization

Heiko Schwarz
Global Supply Chain Solutions Advisor

Indrani de Silva
Solution Consultant