How Sphera’s OSHA-compliant Best Practice Standard Template Simplifies Complexity

Date: July 17, 2024

Time: 11 AM EST/ 10 AM CT

In Sphera’s latest Process Safety Report, 100% of respondents agree that technology either currently enables or will enable effective Process Safety Management (PSM) and Operational Risk Management (ORM).

Moreover, 83% believe digitized, real-time process safety risk indicators can enhance risk awareness and safety. Additionally, 80% concur that technology reduces vulnerability to hazard events.

Despite these advantages, the adoption of digital control-of-work solutions remains sluggish, primarily due to perceived solution complexity, implementation challenges, and difficulties in user adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Enhance Safety & Reduce Costs: Discover how Control of Work software can revolutionize your approach, boosting safety measures while cutting costs.
  2. Best Practice Standard Templates: Get an overview of our best practice standard template, developed from 25 years of industry experience and subject matter experts.
  3. Success Stories: Hear success stories from clients in high-risk, asset-intensive industries who have successfully leveraged our templated approach.
  4. Proven Implementation Strategies: Gain insights into proven strategies to implement and ensure user adoption, allowing you to realize efficiencies and cost-saving benefits within just 4 months.

Empower your operations with the knowledge and tools to succeed. See you on July 17th!