GRI Reporting Services

Disclose your ESG performance in accordance with GRI standards.

Provide Your Stakeholders with ESG KPIs that Matter

Reporting on sustainability efforts in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines offers one of the most trusted, globally recognized ways to communicate relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) data to investors and other stakeholders. Sphera’s sustainability experts guide you through the process of creating sustainability and ESG reports based on the GRI standards. Whether your organization is just beginning this journey, or you are already an advanced practitioner, we can help you create the sustainability report that best showcases your company’s ESG performance.

GRI Reporting

Create Impactful ESG Reports Grounded in Deep Subject Matter Expertise

Meeting GRI reporting requirements can be complex and time-consuming, especially when preparing the ESG report for the first time. With more than 25 years of experience helping organizations on their strategic sustainability journeys, Sphera has broad experience in GRI reporting. We combine a deep understanding of GRI standards, methodological expertise and extensive industry know-how to optimize every stage of your reporting process. With the help of Sphera’s sustainability consultants, your organization will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the GRI standards.
  • Identify the topics that are material to your business for reporting.
  • Validate topics against GRI sector standards and expert knowledge.
  • Review data and collect additional data relevant for the ESG report.
  • Produce a substantive ESG report in accordance with GRI standards.

Enhance Your ESG Report by Closing Data Gaps

An ESG report that uses GRI standards provides a meaningful KPI matrix to analyze your status quo, identify potential areas for improvement, and measure and monitor risks and opportunities related to identified issues. Therefore, a reliable data foundation is essential to create reports that support decision-making and help you improve your company’s ESG performance.

Sphera’s sustainability experts bring years of experience in GRI metrics, carbon accounting and management, and they can help your company collect and review the data required for the report. We provide you with best-in-class, industry-based emissions factors and insights on your sector’s best practices to fill the information gaps and improve the quality of your ESG reports.

GRI Reporting Services
GRI Reporting Services

Increase Efficiency of the Reporting Process Through Digitalization

As ESG-related risks and opportunities increasingly come into focus for investors, government regulations and other stakeholder groups, the demand for continuous and recurring sustainability disclosures is growing. SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software helps your company increase the efficiency of data management and sustainability reporting. Sphera is also an official solutions and tools provider and member of the GRI community, with extensive GRI expertise and GRI-certified consultants.

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