Document Management Software  

Reduce risk and eliminate rework through smartly controlled document access, versioning and signing. 

Manage Important Documents and Processes with Confidence

The proper visibility and maintenance of key internal documents and policies is vital for mitgating risk and ensuring process consistency. With Sphera’s Document Management software, employees across your business will always be able to access, acknowledge receipt and sign off on approved, uptodate versions of important documents. Clean and efficient document management provides the backbone for solid process management. 

Complete Version Control 

Store one authorized version for documents and policies in a safe, secure and reliable central location and efficiently archive previous versions. You can assure appropriate personnel have access to only the latest version, while maintaining the ability to recall or refer to previous versions whenever needed.    

Create and Audit Publication Approval Flows  

Enable specific approval workflows to make sure changes and the publication of sensitive documents are closely managed and ensure all documents are reviewed and approved before release. Sphera’s Document Management software provides a fully automated audit trail feature, helping you track all contributors to any document or policy, as well as changes made by each contributor and timestamps for each change. 

Document Management

Secure Access and Trace Document Interactions 

With secure access rights, documents, policies, videos and other audio-visual assets are delivered only to the personnel approved and required to see them. Built-in tracking lets you review engagement and readership metrics to understand how employees interact with your core materials. 

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Explore Other Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.