Compliance Incident Management

Perform regular risk analysis in real time and document risk alerts, along with actions taken.

Ensure Compliance and Transparency

Creating transparency and maintaining compliance in the supply network remain a major challenge for purchasing and supply chain managers. After all, ensuring that laws and regulatory compliance are observed is ultimately their task.

An Overview of Relevant Supply Chain Risk

Compliance Incident Management (CIM) monitors all relevant incident data and provides a holistic legal overview. It enables monitoring of the status of ongoing and completed remediation actions in Compliance Incident Tracking and allows communication with internal stakeholders. The Compliance Incident Dashboard provides an overview of all relevant incidents. Compliance Incident Reporting contains German Supply Chain Law-relevant incidents and remediation actions. The report provides relevant information for communication with authorities.

Monitor for Risks and Ensure Compliance

With Compliance Incident Management (CIM), you can monitor your supply network for potential risks and ensure compliance to legal requirements.

Avoid liability risks: By integrating CIM and supply chain due diligence checks into a holistic risk management, you can adhere to supply chain law. Avoid fines, penalties and sanctions, as well as exclusion from public contracts.

Achieve transparency: Continuously monitor your supply network for potential risks and compliance requirements. Use artificial intelligence to automatically notify you of relevant risks in real time.

Mitigate Risks Related to Compliance Incidents

When you receive a risk alert, Action Planner helps you take remedial actions and communicate these across the organization and to your suppliers. Use ready-made and customizable action plans in which preventive measures and responsibilities are already anchored.

React Faster

Prepare a catalog of action plans for various types of risk. You can react faster to violations or incidents.

Minimize supply chain due diligence risks. Have pre-built preventive and remedial action plans on hand for all kinds of risk. Customize plans easily to fit each use case.

Avoid fines and penalties. CIM automatically documents activities, so they can be shared with authorities or other external partners.

Explore Other SCRM Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Risk Radar

Risk Radar profiles and monitors your supply network to reveal risk in real time. Be more risk aware, counter threats more proactively and avoid costs.

Impact Analyzer

Impact Analyzer helps you to minimize the business impact of risk by assessing suppliers’ criticality and detecting vulnerabilities at the category level. Adding impact dimensions like revenue and spend allows you to assess the extent of damage that a potential supplier failure could have on the supply chain. This also helps you select the suppliers that are best for your business.

Action Planner

Action Planner helps you collaborate across your organization and with your suppliers to orchestrate the tasks needed to both proactively and reactively mitigate risk. Use pre-built and customizable action plans, so you can quickly take action before incidents become critical.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment automates supplier and third-party assessment processes, enriches the evaluation of risk scores and integrates survey results into business partners’ risk profiles. Our versatile supply chain assessment tool simplifies supplier qualification and monitoring, improves data accuracy, reduces manual data collection and closes the risk feedback loop. 

Sub-Tier Visibility

Sub-Tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains within the Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management solution. With supplier-validated supply sites, you can confidently map sub-tier dependencies and more accurately expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

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Sphera SCRM Compliance Incident Management (CIM)

Sphera SCRM Compliance Incident Management (CIM) monitors supply chains for compliance-related violations, captures relevant incident data and provides a useful overview of the information.

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Supply Chain Laws You Should Know

What you don’t know can harm your business and your reputation. Understand how new laws, regulations and executive orders can affect your supply chain.

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Manage Compliance Risk

Discover the risks and benefits of obeying the rules of ethical behavior. Your reputation could be at risk from non-compliance in your supply chain.

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Stricter due diligence and liability rules, such as those resulting from the planned Supply Chain Act, also prompt action. Here, significantly more than half of the respondents see the risk of serious and even existence-threatening damage and profit losses for the company.

Our research found that disruptions have incurred substantial financial costs (averaging 6-10% of annual revenues), as well as reputational costs—in terms of customer complaints and damage to brand reputation—as companies have struggled to maintain supplies of their goods.

It is estimated a company could add as much as 20% of value or lose up to 30% depending on its reputation risk preparedness and management in the immediate aftermath of a crisis.

92% of organizations are highly dependent on suppliers, but face challenges assessing compliance.

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