By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 13, 2020

Sustainable Building Materials

European environmental policy is increasingly focusing on the impact of products on the environment. Adopting an end-to-end view of the product life cycle is a key idea in the development of legal requirements and standards. The aim is to continuously improve environmental performance. This life cycle approach is also being driven by the growing proliferation of green building certifications.

In view of these developments, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are becoming standard for building products. To evaluate sustainable buildings, all relevant information on the building materials used must be available in a generally and internationally valid format. EPDs offer an opportunity to access the growing green building market.

What’s more, EPDs – and their core element, the Life Cycle Assessment – drive innovation in product development. Both are powerful instruments for analyzing and optimizing products throughout their life cycle – saving costs and reducing risks.

What Is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) enable the assessment of the environmental performance of products based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). An EPD communicates verifiable, accurate, non-misleading environmental information for products and their applications, thereby supporting scientifically based, fair choices and stimulating the potential for market-driven continuous environmental improvement.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) information is expressed in information modules, which allow easy organization and expression of data packages throughout the life cycle of the product. The purpose of an EPD in the construction sector is to provide the basis for assessing buildings and other construction works, and identifying those, which cause less stress to the environment (Source: EN 15804).

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