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Process Safety Barrier Management

Gain full visibility into the status of your safeguards.

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Use a dynamic process safety barrier model to automatically map all performance deviations, hazardous activities, abnormal conditions and human- and sensor-derived inputs. Simulate in real time the Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk impact of work activities, risks and process safety-critical equipment in each area of your asset.

Maintain safety with a holistic view of your barriers

Understand the cumulative risk impact of system, sensor and human-derived inputs and act accordingly.

  • Automatically integrates inputs and shares risk insights
  • Connects status of process safety-critical equipment
  • Enables organization-wide risk awareness and action
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module-Maintain safety with a holistic view of your barriers

Eliminate blind spots

Eliminate data gaps and gain a more comprehensive, real-time view of the health of your process safety barriers.

  • Enhances visibility of MAH risk exposure across your organization
  • Assess combined risk impacts of system, sensor, and human inputs
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Identify and resolve barrier impairments more efficiently

Give your team the timely information they need to make sound operational decisions.

  • Accesses leading indicators of risk
  • Optimizes schedules to reduce risk and increase productivity
  • Calculates potential MAH risk exposure at the plant
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Achieve proactive risk control and operational excellence

Up-to-date Information

Interprets massive amounts of data to inform about barrier impairments, enabling quick action when necessary.

Holistic view

Understands the cumulative risk impact of system, sensor, and human-derived inputs, facilitating informed decision-making.

Comprehensive insights

Automatically integrates various inputs to communicate valuable risk insights and intelligence throughout the organization.

Risk exposure calculation

Helps calculate potential MAH risk exposure present at the plant and in specific areas, enabling better planning and proactive management.

What Is Process Safety Management and how to implement it

What Is Process Safety Management and how to implement it?

Discover the Critical Importance of Process Safety Management (PSM) in Preventing Catastrophic Incidents. Learn How Proper Management of Hazardous Chemicals Can Save Lives and Businesses Millions. Read More to Understand the Framework and Implementation Strategies.

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Process Safety Report 2023

Our latest Process Safety Report takes a deep dive into the state of process safety and operational risk management across various industries.


Verdantix GQ: PSM Software Leader 2023

Sphera holds a strong position as a process safety management software market leader in the Green Quadrant: Process Safety Management Software 2023 report.


Boosting Manufacturing Productivity

Discover how cutting-edge technology revolutionizes manufacturing operations, offering real-time insights, predictive risk management, and unparalleled efficiency.

Our Awards

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Verdantix 2023 Leader

Green Quadrant

Process Safety Management Software


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Verdantix 2021 Leader

Green Quadrant

Process Safety Management Software


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