Sphera’s Advanced Risk Assessment solution modernizes operations, improves safety measures and monitors for compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape

CHICAGO, IL (May 2, 2024) – Sphera®, a leading global provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services, today announced significant updates to its Advanced Risk Assessment (ARA) solution that empowers process and manufacturing plant managers to proactively monitor, assess and manage risk.

Recognizing the complexity of modern industrial operations, SpheraCloud ARA is a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes for enhanced efficiency and compliance. The ARA updates optimize the already robust features of the solution to maintain its position at the forefront of risk management technology.

Key updates to SpheraCloud ARA directly reflect customer feedback to improve navigability, functionality and user experience. This includes a revamped interface with a contemporary cloud-based design and integration with plant and risk management systems via library API capability. It also allows the management of users centrally or through the organization’s identity management system.

“Risk management is a non-negotiable priority, and we listened to our customers and tailored our solution to meet the industry’s evolving needs,” said Paul Marushka, Sphera’s CEO and president. “With a modern interface, centralized user management and improved system integrations, Sphera’s enhanced ARA tool provides a streamlined solution for process and manufacturing plant managers to embrace the future of risk management. Empowering our customers to protect their people, assets and communities is crucial to our mission of creating a safer, more sustainable and productive world.”

Sphera’s ARA Solution enables process and manufacturing plant managers to:

Assess risk uniformly: ARA provides a standardized framework for risk assessment to ensure consistent evaluation and implementation of control measures across the organization.
Centralize knowledge: ARA serves as a centralized hub for collecting, sharing and studying risk-related data.
Ensure compliance: ARA provides robust audit trails and readily accessible traceability to simplify compliance and help plants meet regulatory requirements.
Generate actionable insights: ARA’s advanced analytics empower continuous improvement efforts and informed decision-making based on data-driven insights.


About Sphera

Sphera is the leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services focusing on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Transparency. For more than 30 years, we have served over 8,400 customers and a million-plus users in 95 countries to help companies keep their people safe, their products sustainable and their operations productive. Learn more about Sphera at www.sphera.com. Follow Sphera on LinkedIn. 

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