In each of the past eight years, hazardous industry experts have shared their feedback on the state of process safety management (PSM) and operational risk management (ORM) in our annual survey. The reports generated from the survey results have offered insightful, and on occasion, startling insights about the reality of risk, process vulnerabilities and progress toward improved risk identification, management and communication.

2023 Survey Results

Sphera’s 2023 report shines a light on the value of digital solutions to reduce risk and increase safety. Professionals in hazardous industries believe that technology is currently enabling process safety or will enable it in the future. One example cited is the use of digitized, real-time process safety risk indicators to improve risk awareness. However, as our report shows, human factors can negatively impact safety. Read our 2023 Process Safety Report to learn more about the factors that influence process safety.

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R 008 Process Safety and Risk Management copy

2022 Survey Results

In years past, we have witnessed the influence of internal and external factors, including global events and macroeconomic trends, and this year is no exception. While the impact of COVID-19 is receding, the COVID-fueled “Great Resignation” is leaving its mark. The repercussions of this loss of knowledge and experience are seen clearly in the survey results that make up our 2022 Safety Report.

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R 013 – Safety Report 2022 copy

2021 Survey Results

The 2021 report shows that companies made constant structural adjustments to endure the pandemic with increasing pressure to keep workers safe. Along with better incident management, health and safety management also became one of the most pressing business priorities. While we found a heightened focus on safety and building a culture of well-being within the workplace, we also found a deep disconnect between awareness and a well-defined roadmap to improve safety performance.

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R 012 – Safety Report 2021 copy

2020 Survey Results

The 2020 report suggests one way to prevent the risks associated with increased MAHs is to turn toward technological solutions. Ninety-one percent of respondents said that technology has made companies and their workers safer, up from 80% last year. The survey results point to how digitalization technologies, in the form of dynamic and simulated risk, are important to help overcome many safety and risk challenges.

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R 011 – 2020 PSM_ORM Survey Report copy

2019 Survey Results – Part 1

Sphera’s 2019 survey uncovered that while companies are big proponents of a strong safety culture, there is a large gap between process safety intent and what occurs during everyday operations. However, a period of unprecedented change paired with the availability of Industry 4.0 IRM technologies may have the potential to disrupt the status quo.

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R 014 – Stuck in the Status Quo 2019 Survey on the State of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management – Part One copy

2019 Survey Results – Part 2

The 2019 survey, the industry’s fourth on the state of Process Safety & Operational Risk Management, shows how companies are battling multiple challenges from reduced headcount, a brain drain as talent retires, to aging assets, while feedstock price fluctuations keep uncertainly rolling.

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R 015 – The State of Process Safety and Operational Risk Management_ Transforming the Status Quo – Part Two copy

2018 PSM Survey Results – Part 1

With contributions from senior managers and leaders in the fields of process safety, operational risk management, asset integrity, HSE, and loss prevention, this 2018 survey report is part one of a two-part report that looks at the key current issues.

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R 009 – 2018 survey on process safety and operational risk part 1 copy

2018 Survey Results – Part 2

Part two explores the overwhelmingly positive views coming from senior industry leaders about the digital horizon. We share how well technologies that fall under the Industry 4.0 umbrella are understood, how far they are deployed, how they compare to incumbent enterprise systems, and the value they will deliver to safety and risk management.

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R 010 – 2018 survey on process safety and operational risk part 2 copy

2017 PSM Survey Results

The 2017 edition of Sphera/ Petrotechnics’ process safety and risk management (PSM) survey of senior leaders in the fields of process, safety, asset integrity, and operational risk management in the hydrocarbon industry produced interesting and occasionally startling insights.

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R 008 Process Safety and Risk Management copy

2016 Petrotechnics PSM Survey Results

The 2016 survey results on improving process safety management in hazardous industries include insights from CCPS members and industry professionals on PSM, the challenges faced and how to solve them.

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R 007 Petrotechnics PSM copy