Challenges and Opportunities in Growing a Green Economy

To understand the role that companies play in the effort to build a greener economy, Sphera surveyed 300 operations managers across the U.S., U.K. and Germany—the three Western economies with the largest carbon footprints—to understand their views and responsibilities with respect to corporate decarbonization.

As you explore the report, you’ll see some interesting findings:

Corporate Net-Zero Strategies Are Not Reflected in Day-to-Day Practices

Only 41% of companies have made significant changes in daily operational practices to support decarbonization.

Responsibility for Corporate Sustainability Is Not Shared with Operations Managers

95% of operations managers say net-zero accountability sits solely with the C-suite and board of directors and responsibilities are not shared with them.

The Corporate Effort to Achieve Net Zero Is Underway

85% of U.S., U.K. and German companies now have a net-zero strategy.

While many companies acknowledge that they must participate in the effort to achieve net zero, it appears many have not taken the next steps: translating their net-zero strategies into operational practices and assigning responsibility for the execution of their strategies.

Our report indicates that operations managers could accelerate the corporate drive to net zero. They clearly see the need for change in operational practices. In fact, 40% of them want carbon targets included in their KPIs. With their enthusiasm and commitment, operations managers could help deliver visible progress toward corporate net-zero goals.

Learn more about this untapped resource in our report.

R Operational Landscape The Inside View on Industrial Decarbonization from Operations Managers