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Customer Advisory Board

Identifying emerging ESG trends and opportunities.

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Drive ESG Excellence & Lead Innovation

As a Member of Sphera’s Customer Advisory Board

Sphera is the leading provider of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) software, data and consulting services focusing on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management (ORM), Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Transparency.

Sphera is a portfolio company of Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative investment manager with over $1 trillion assets under management. Sphera and Blackstone are leaders in the sustainability space.

Introducing the Sphera Customer Advisory Board

We value the role we play in our customers’ ESG journeys. And for Sphera to continue providing powerful ESG solutions, we need our customers’ insights and expertise.

So, to collaborate more directly and deeply with our customers, Sphera is launching a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Through the CAB, we hope to gain a better understanding of the trends, drivers and priorities that are shaping our customers’ businesses and the industries they represent.

Contribute Ideas, Drive Innovation

Members of the Sphera CAB will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify new ESG performance and risk management opportunities.
  • Offer their thought leadership around important issues and developments.
  • Play a role in the design of new solutions that enable better ESG risk management and performance.

Bring Value to Your Organization

Gain A Better Understanding Of The Trends, Drivers, And Priorities Shaping Your Business

Acquire Best Practices From Peers

Learn About Industry Trends

Collaborate On Shared Business Issues

Review, Assess, or Brainstorm Product Direction and Opportunities

Interact With Sphera Executive and Product Management

Influence Product and Solution Roadmaps

Validate Sphera’s Value Proposition and Strategic Direction

CAB Membership

We are specifically interested in individuals who are responsible for:

  • Making informed ESG investment decisions.
  • Transforming operating cultures and organizational performance, while reducing operational risk.
  • Establishing and implementing an enterprise-wide set of initiatives that meet environmental, health and safety concerns for the organization.
  • Providing safety management guidance, support and oversight for global operations, with expertise in the areas of ESG, sustainability, occupational safety and management systems.

If you meet these criteria*, we invite you to consider applying for membership in the CAB.

*CAB membership is restricted to existing Sphera customers and is subject to approval by Sphera.


The Sphera CAB will consist of a select group of customers with backgrounds in:

  • Strategic technology
  • Regulatory environments
  • ESG and risk management
  • Innovation

Apply for Membership in Sphera’s Customer Advisory Board

Promote better ESG performance and a safer, healthier and more sustainable future. Play an active role in identifying emerging ESG trends and opportunities.

Apply now for membership in Sphera’s Customer Advisory Board.

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Through SpheraCloud, we provide software tools with broad & deep content and a team of experienced professionals to create an optimized approach to Product Stewardship.

What topics will be covered during CAB meetings?

  • What are your business’ most important goals over the next three to five years?
  • How can we better meet your needs and help you fulfill those goals?
  • What new capabilities would you like to see in our future product offerings?
  • What new services could we be offering that are not currently available to you?

How often do CAB members meet?

Members are expected to join two meetings per year. Meetings will be hosted virtually, however one in-person meeting will be held every 18 months in conjunction with the Sphera Inspire Conference in North America.

How many members are in the CAB?

The Customer Advisory Board is an exclusive membership for 10–25 senior-executive Sphera customers. Ideally, members will be able to participate for 2-years to have a front-row seat to the evolution of Sphera. We understand that priorities, roles, and responsibilities shift and Sphera will be as flexible as we can be with participation and scheduling.

Apply today

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