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Environmental Assessments

The environmental impact of supply chain operations has captured the attention of organizations across the globe. Companies are now more committed to minimizing their footprint than ever before. Sphera's Environmental Assessments [previously SupplyShift] enable organizations to proactively address these critical issues, offering a suite of tools designed to measure, manage and mitigate environmental risk within the supply chain. Engage your suppliers at any tier and drive significant improvements across your entire operations.

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Navigating the future with proactive environmental stewardship


Sphera’s integrated approach helps your business accurately quantify carbon emissions, assess risks and evaluate impacts to implement effective mitigation strategies and align with global environmental standards.

Carbon footprint clarity

Access precise insights into GHG emissions across your supply chain. Gain momentum for targeted initiatives and track supplier progress.

  • Product Carbon Footprint Assessment
  • Scope 3 Calculator
  • GHG Starter Assessment
  • GHG Leadership & Reporting Assessment
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Supply Chain Sustainabilty Module Graphics_Environmental Assessments – Carbon footprint clarity

Deforestation-free supply chains

Implement strategies to avoid deforestation risks. Ensure your supply chain supports forest conservation and sustainable land use.

  • The Rainforest Alliance Responsible Soy, Paper and Wood Assessments
  • Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers Forest Risk Assessment
  • Certified Palm Oil Data Tracking Tool
  • Sugar Mapping Tool
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Supply Chain Sustainabilty Module Graphics_Environmental Assessments – Deforestation-free supply chains

Enhanced reporting capabilities

Biodiversity preservation

Understand and minimize your supply chain’s impact on ecosystems and promote biodiversity and resilience by leveraging our biodiversity assessment tools.

  • Biodiversity Assessment
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Supply Chain Sustainabilty Module Graphics_Environmental Assessments – Biodiversity preservation


Trace product origins

Gain unparalleled visibility into the origins of products to ensure ethical and environmentally sound sourcing practices.

Pinpoint hotspots

Identify and prioritize supply chain areas with the most significant environmental impact to allow for targeted interventions.

Gauge supplier maturity

Assess and understand the sustainability maturity of your suppliers to facilitate targeted support and development where it’s needed most

Real-time monitoring

Supplier data populates in real time for instant insights into environmental performance, enabling swift, data-driven decisions to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Tackling Your Scope 3 Challenges (On-Demand Webinar)

Join experts from SupplyShift (a Sphera company), The Sustainability Consortium and Sustainia to learn how you can work with your supply chain to identify opportunities for supplier engagement and how to drive progress on net-zero ambitions throughout your supply chain.

Key takeaways:

  • Drivers for supply chain sustainability
  • Current legislation / frameworks / recommendations
  • How to get insights into your supply chain’s emissions
  • Best practice examples
  • Making a win-win-win with supply chain transparency technology
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Due diligence

Conduct thorough assessments of your supply chain to identify and mitigate risks effectively.


Assured compliance

Ensure adherence to environmental regulations like the EUDR and CSRD with comprehensive tools that streamline the reporting and verification process.


Enhanced visibility

Achieve unparalleled transparency across all tiers of your supply chain to enable quick identification of suppliers and data sharing with internal teams and external stakeholders.

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Explore the modules
in this suite

Our suite of Standard Assessments is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to leverage ESG data to improve supplier performance

Supplier Sustainability Assessments

Sphera’s sustainability assessments provide a thorough evaluation of ESG practices within your supply chain.

Regulatory Assessments

Regulatory Compliance equips you with the essential tools and insights to not just comply but also implement a strategy to propel your sustainability objectives forward.

Human Rights & Social Assessments

Direct visibility into supplier practices, facilities and products concerning labor risk, human rights and more.

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