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Sustainability officers must lead companies toward greener operations while guiding their reporting and compliance efforts. Sphera’s software and expertise can help them ensure compliance across jurisdictions while finding ways to reduce environmental impact.

Greater sustainability starts with data

ESG reporting—and improved sustainability—require data that’s measurable, actionable and auditable. Use the industry’s leading software to collect and manage your data.

Build your sustainability strategy

Successful sustainability strategies are based on comprehensive and accurate assessments of environmental impact. efficiently delivers the assessments you need.

The right expertise matters

Accelerate your sustainability efforts with Sphera’s expertise. It will help you minimize ESG compliance risk and develop achievable sustainability targets and strategies.

SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability

Generate comprehensive sustainability reports

  • Collect, manage and validate sustainability from multiple sources.
  • Ensure accurate and traceable data for streamlined compliance reporting.
  • Gain better tracking and visibility across supply chains.
  • Prepare for regulatory-driven assurance provisions.
  • Identify and mitigate ESG compliance risks.
  • Inform strategies and measure your business and environmental impact.
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Master your product sustainability journey

  • Measure your targets and milestones against your goals.
  • Gain insights to build and improve product sustainability.
  • Analyze life cycle factors with a single product model
  • Benefit from consistent, vetted and updated datasets. Streamline with a tool that combines LCA data and software.
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Tap Sphera’s expertise for your sustainability initiatives

Pave your way to ESG excellence by working with Sphera’s experts. We help you:

  • Address ESG issues such as climate, biodiversity and more.
  • Align your business objectives with sustainability.
  • Quantify and reduce your corporate emissions.
  • Improve your product performance through LCAs, PCFs, EPDs.
  • Identify meaningful targets.
  • Develop actionable strategies for risks and opportunities
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