By Sphera’s Editorial Team | July 25, 2017

Supply Chain Natural Disaster Risk

Most studies show that climate change is resulting in more extreme weather patterns. This means that the probability of natural hazards such as hurricanes is likely to increase in the coming years. 

This whitepaper describes some consequences of natural disasters on supply chains. It then provides suggested actions and mitigation strategies. These include: 

  • Understand risks based on supplier location, and whether the company has partners in various regions. 
  • Analyze whether mission-critical parts are produced in areas prone to extreme weather or flooding. 
  • Develop a contingency plan to mitigate the consequences of natural disaster risk. 

With real-time monitoring of the supply network, companies become more risk aware and can react faster. Proactive supply chain risk management helps businesses mitigate the negative consequences of natural hazards. 

Download the whitepaper today!Be better prepared for risk events.